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Socialist Party USA: Literature
Download Party Literature

General Literature
Statement of Principles (download here)
Who We Are (download here)
You Don't Have to be a Saint to be  Socialist by Ed Laing (download here)
How to Organize a Socialist Party Local (download here)
A Century of Struggle: Socialist Party USA -- 1901-2001 (download here)
Martin Luther King, Jr., and Democratic Socialism (download here)
Social Democracy vs Revolutionary Democratic Socialism by David Edelstein (download here)
Suggestions on how to Run a Socialist Political Campaign by Dan La Botz (download here)
Local Organizing Handbook (download here)
Membership Handbook (
download here)

Spanish Language
Quienes Somos Cuales Son Nuestras Posturas (download here)

Printed literature can be ordered from the National Office.

2012 Platform/Principles/Constitution booklet $1 each
all other literature listed 30 pamphlets for $10

Send check or money order for merchandise and printed literature to:
Socialist Party USA 339 Lafayette St. #303 NY, NY 10012
or pay on-line at:

            Socialist Party USA 339 Lafayette St. #303 New York, NY 10012