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Saturday October 22, 2005

Morning Session
Meeting called to order at 10:15 by Shaun Richman and Mary Alice Herbert.
Resolutions Committee Report

Matthew Andrews gave the Resolutions Committee report.

Organizing Conference
Motion: Whereas, the incredible growth and geographic spread of the Socialist Party USA’s membership has made biannual national meeting inadequate for the cohesion and unity of the Party.

And Whereas, the Party always needs more high-profile activities for media attention and new membership recruitment.

And Whereas, the Party must provide new activists with the skills and resources they need to be effective in their communities.

Therefore be it resolved that:
The Socialist Party shall organize a major national conference in the summer of every year when there is no National Convention.

The conference should be modeled on the successful SP100 conference, with at least two days of sessions for political discussions and skills-building workshops. A public plenary aimed for CSPAN and other media and space for the Young People’s Socialist League to piggy-back its National Convention onto the weekend.

The conference shall be a top political priority for the National Committee and staff, with significant attention and resources dedicated to it.

Attempts should be made to rotate locations of future conferences in order to achieve regional balance with National Conventions, while prioritizing locations that are accessible by mass transit and affordable airfare.

The National Committee shall appoint a conference planning committee that leaves room for representatives of YPSL and the locals, but ultimate responsibility for the content of the conference lies with the National Committee. Motion passed unanimously.

Dual Membership
Motion: 1) Although members of the SP USA are of course free to be dual members of other leftwing political parties, membership in the SP USA is incompatible with membership in the two major parties of the exploiting class and their caucuses.
2) Officers of the SP USA or any of its state or local affiliates may not endorse or support in any capacity, as an officer using their title, any candidate or party that does not already have the endorsement of the SP USA or relevant state party or local. Officers of the SP USA at any level may never support Democratic Party or Republican Party candidates, or their party organizations, whether using or not using their official titles.


Amendment: This resolution may not be used to suspend or expel any member of the Socialist Party USA. Amendment passed 29 yes, 25 no and 3 abstentions

Motion: To extend the time allotted to the resolution committee report time by 30 minutes. Passed by clear majority

Amendment: That there be a waiver for officers whose family members are Democratic or Republican candidates. Amendment failed 12 yes, 32 no 10 abstentions

Roll Call Vote (requested by majority of the body)
Yes (26)
Jay Cassano, Peter Diamondstone, Doris Lake, Tina Philips, Jack Gerson, Eric Chester, Matthew Andrews, Michael Hewitt, Kristy Treacy, Sara Simpson, Emily Miller, Sam Mesick, Matt Erard, Ben Burgis, Jim Griffin, Sam Morales, Sharin Chiorazzo, Greg Pason, Wayne Rossi, Peter Moody, Jessica Dreistadt, Raul Cano, Jane Newton, Dennis Loughlin, Gary Shaw, Paul Whetstone.
No (32)
Maggie Phair, Safford Chamberlain, Don Doumakes, Andrea Pason, Viji Sargis, Tino Rozzo, Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein, Alice Kelsey, Jason Becker, Charles Sontag, Cassidy Martinez, L.Jill Ford, Karl Sorg, Timothy Welp, Michael Marino, Linda McKinney, Walter Brown, Anne Kimmons, Michael Hassan, Robert Tucker, Emma Gonzalez, Roberta Fries, Myrtle Kastner, Linda Randolph, Ardenne Bunde, Richard Waite, Richard Lahey, Wendy Herdman, Brady Rickets, Mary Loritz, William Emmons and Dwight Welch.
Abstain (2)
Todd Vachon, BJ Eversole, Robert Auerbach.
Resolution failed (as amended) 26 yes, 32 no and 3 abstentions

Motion: To move the remainder of the resolutions committee report to Sunday, during any remaining time not used by the platform committee. Passed clear majority

Paul Whetstone reported that the committee prioritized resolutions that they felt would have support from the conventions.

Motion: To end report and move to sections already reported. Motion passed 21 yes 20 no 3 abstentions.

The committee discussed a series of constitutional amendments and Statement of Principles resolutions.

(Procedural motion) The Oregon delegation requested that Angeline Kimmons be seated as an Oregon delegate. Angeline was not listed in the Secretary’s delegate report and joined on June 30, 2005 so did not meet the six month requirement to serve as a delegate.

Motion: The convention waives the six month requirement for Angeline Kimmons to serve as a delegate. Motion passed 43 yes, 9 no and 6 abstentions

Six month membership requirement was waived for Angeline Kimmons.

Motion: To seat Angeline Kimmons as a delegate for the Oregon delegation. Motion passed by clear majority.

Angeline Kimmons was seated as part of the Oregon delegation.

Constitutional Amendments
Article VIII Sec. a
Motion: To replace Article VIII Sec. a with the following: The National Convention may nominate candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States every four years unless 2/3 of the delegates at the convention vote not to do so.

Motion: To table indefinitely. Motion to table failed 20 yes, 35 no and 5 abstentions

Motion: To close debate. Motion passed 46 yes, 8 no and 1 abstention.

Main motion To replace Article VIII Sec. a. Motion failed to reach 2/3 majority 29 yes, 22 no and 4 abstentions.

Statement of Principles
Proposed changes to the Statement of Principles were read and discussed. Sections submitted by Jim Griffin were discussed first.

Motion: Call the question. Motion fails to reach 2/3 majority 31 yes, 21 no.

Motion: To split votes on “working class” and “affirmative action”. Motion passed by a clear majority.

Introductory Statement
Motion: To add the following after “...and will not be achieved by an elite working ‘on behalf’ of the people”, and before the final paragraph. The new section is to state “The working class is in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling capitalist class and its power. The working class is the major force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist future – to a real radical democracy from below”
Motion Passed 42 yes 10 no and 6 abstentions (met 2/3 requirement)

Liberation of Oppressed Groups
Motion: To change the title to “Liberation of Oppressed People” and make the following changes: A new sentence after “... and will not be eliminated merely by eliminating capitalism.” The new sentence is to read “We fully support strong and expanded affirmative action programs to help combat the entrenched inertia of a racist and sexist system which profits from discrimination and social division.”
Motion passed 56 yes 4 no and 1 abstention.

The convention broke for 15 minutes.

Andrea Pason and Eric Chester co-Chaired Officer & NC election sessions.

Female Co-Chair
Mary Loritz (declined)
Susan Dorazio (accepted)
Kristy Treacy (declined)
Linda Randolph (declined)
Doris Lake (declined)
Myrtle Kastner (declined)
Motion: To close nominations. Motion passed by clear majority.

Motion: To name Susan Dorazio as female Co-Chair. Motion passed by acclamation.

Male Co-Chair
Raul Cano (accepted)
BJ Eversole (accepted)
Shaun Richman (declined)
Don Doumakes (declined)

Motion: To suspend constitutional one year membership mandate to allow BJ Eversole to run for Male Co-Chair. Motion passed 37 yes 18 no 2 abstentions (met 2/3 requirement).

The candidates answered delegate questions.

Raul Cano- 40 votes
BJ Eversole- 17 votes
1 abstention
Raul Cano elected as Male Co-Chair.

Viji Sargis (accept)
Mall Herbert (accept)
Linda Randolph (decline)
Mary Loritz (decline)
Tina Phillips (accept
Alice Kelsey (decline)

First Round
Mary Alice Herbert - 21
Mary Loritz – 20
Viji Sargis – 14
Tina Phillips – 3
(Tina Phillips eliminated)

Second Round
Viji Sargis withdrew her candidacy

Third Round
A Roll Call vote was called for accuracy:
For Mary Alice Herbert (25)
Michael Morantz, Tina Phillips, Jack Gerson, Safford Chamberlain, Eric Chester, Matthew Andrews, Michael Hewitt, Kristy Treacy, Sara Simpson, Matt Erard, Ben Burgis, Jim Griffin, Sharin Chiorazzo, Greg Pason, Wayne Rossi, Angel Martinez, Karl Sorg, Timothy Welp, Emma Gonzalez, Raul Cano, Jane Newton, Richard Waite, Dennis Loughlin, Gary Shaw, Robert Auerbach.

For Mary Loritz (37)
Toss Vachon, Jay Cassano, Mary Alice Herbert, Maggie Phair, Don Doumakes, Emily Miller, Andrea Pason, Viji Sargis, Tino Rozzo, Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein, Alice Kelsey, Jason Becker, Sam Morales, Justin Denton, James Schaefer, Cassidy Martinez, Jill Ford, Michael Marino, Linda McKinney, Walter Brown, Michael Hassan, Angeline Kimmons, Robert Tucker, Jessica Dreistadt, Emma Gonzalez, Raul Cano, Robeta Fries, Myrtle Kastner, Linda Randolph, Ardenne Bunde, David Tucker, Richard Noel Lahey, Wendy Herdman, Brady Ricketts, William Emmons, Dwight Welch and Paul Whetstone.

Abstain: Sam Mesick and Mary Loritz.

Mary Loritz was elected as Female Co-Vice Chair.

Male NC/Alternates
Matthew Andrews (accept)
Antonio Salas (accept)
Tino Rozzo (accept)
Shaun Richman (accept)
Michael Marino (accept)
Don Doumkaes (decline)
Paul Whetstone (decline)
Jason Becker (decline)

Candidates were asked two questions each by delegates.

First Round
Matthew Andrews - 19
Antonio Salas - 10
Tino Rozzo - 13
Shaun Richman -10
Michael Marino – 9
Michael Marino eliminated from second round ballot

Second Round
Matthew Andrews – 20
Antonio Salas – 18
Shaun Richman – 14
Antonio Salas – 11
Antonio Salas eliminated from third round ballot

Third Round
Matthew Andrews – 26
Tino Rozzo – 18
Shaun Richman – 17
Shaun Richman eliminated from fourth round ballot

Fourth Round
Matthew Andrews – 33
Tino Rozzo – 28
Matthew Andrews elected as Male Co-Vice Chair

Female NC/Alternate Elections
Ardenne Bunde (declined)
Andrea Pason (accepted)
Mal Herbert (accepted)
Sharin Chiorazzo (declined)
Tina Phillips
Jessica Dreistadt (declined)
Linda Randolph (declined)
Linda McKinney (accepted)
Alice Kelsey (accepted)
Kristy Treacy (accepted)
Emma Gonzalez (accepted)
Viji Sargis (accepted)
Cassidy Martinez (declined)
Maggie Phair (declined)
Stephanie Cholensky (accepted)
Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein (accepted)
Doris Lake (accepted)

x- Andrea Pason 46 votes
x- Mary Alice Herbert 37 votes
x- Emma Gonzalez 35 votes
x- Viji Sargis 32 votes
x- Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein 26 votes
x- Tina Phillips 25 votes
a- Doris Lake 22 votes
a- Kristy Treacy 21 votes
a- Sharin Chiorazzo – 19 votes
a- Alice Kelsey 19 votes
a- Ardene Bunde 13 votes
a- Linda McKinney 11 votes

Stephanie Cholensky 8 votes

x- Elected as a delegate
a- Elected as an alternate

Male NC/Alternate Elections
Don Doumakes (declined)
David McReynolds (declined)
Timothy Welp (declined)
Steve Sears (accepted)
Wayne Rossi (accepted)
Jack Gerson (accepted)
Todd Vachon (accepted)
Elliot Traiman (accepted)
Jason Becker (accepted)
Greg Pason (accepted)
Shaun Richman (accepted)
Sam Mesick (accepted)
Erik Toren (accepted)
Peter Diamondstone (accepted)
Tino Rozzo (accepted)
Dwight Welch (accepted)
Matt Erard (accepted)
Jim Griffin (accepted)
B.J. Eversole (accepted)
Ben Burgis (accepted)
Antonio Salas (accepted)
Michael Marino (accepted)
Angel Martinez (accepted)

x- Greg Pason 32 votes
x- Shaun Richman 31 votes
x- Tino Rozzo 28 votes
x- Jason Becker 27 votes
x- Wayne Rossi 23 votes
x- Steve Sears 22 votes
a- Todd Vachon 20 votes
a- Dwight Welch 19 votes
a- Matt Erard 16 votes
a- BJ Eversole 16 votes
a- Michael Marino 16 votes
a- Sam Mesick 16 votes

Antonio Salas 15 votes
Elliot Traiman 13 votes
Ben Burgis 12 votes
Angel Martinez 12 votes
Jack Gerson 11 votes
Erik Toren 11 votes
Jim Griffin 9 votes
Peter Diamondstone 8

x- Elected as a delegate
a- Elected as an alternate

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm for dinner.

Friday Minutes
Sunday Minutes